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Info Night

Come learn about hydro issues while sipping a hot beverage—Oct 22 at Sam's Place in Winnipeg. Click on picture for full poster.

Rights Museum a Monument to Contradiction

The water and electricity used in the newly opened Canadian Museum for Human Rights come at a grim cost to Indigenous people. Two chiefs explain in their joint article for the Globe and Mail.

CEC and 'clean' hydro

The upcoming CEC report could challenge the 'clean' hydro mantra

Fighting for a fishery

Northern Cree fishermen question Hydro's "new era"

The Other End

This new documentary tells stories from the northern end of the transmission lines.

The Faith Page:
Spiritual Impact Assessment

Faith is often used as fuel for judgments about right
and wrong, but perhaps it is better approached as a
path to healing and wholeness.

On that path, we aim to explore the role of confession,
lamentation, forgiveness, consolation and grace as we
consider the spiritual implications of hydro at both ends of
the transmission lines.

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